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Non-Resident Ksh.  4,446
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Kenyan (Adult) Ksh.  1,000
Child (12 - 18 yrs) Ksh.  500
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What you need to know as you book (FAQ)

What does Fairview Estate offer?
Fairview Estate offers a unique coffee educational tourism experience that includes learning about coffee cultivation, processing, and tasting Fairview's renowned brands.

How can I book a coffee tour?
To secure a spot on the highly demanded coffee tours, it is recommended to make an early booking through the website or by calling the office line.

What can I expect from the coffee tours?
The coffee tours provide a comprehensive and customized experience, immersing visitors in the intricate details of the coffee-making process. A Coffee Promotions Specialist ensures an educational, fun, and memorable experience.

Can Fairview Estate accommodate corporate events or large groups?
Yes, Fairview Estate can create customized packages for corporate events or large organized groups. Please contact their offices to discuss the details.

What are the requirements for the coffee tour?
Visitors are advised to wear comfortable shoes and bring sunscreen, a sun hat, and a bottle of water. Wet gamboots may be needed in case of rain. Comfortable shoes for hiking are also recommended.

Can I bring my own packed lunch?
Yes, visitors are encouraged to bring their own bottled water and packed lunches for picnics. Alternatively, Fairview Estate offers packed lunches for purchase at a price of KES 1,500/=. Advanced notice and upfront payment are required.

What is provided after the coffee tour?
Coffee and cookies are provided for visitors after the completion of the tour.

What is Fairview Estate's mission?
Fairview Estate aims to become a premier and vibrant educational tourism destination, promote domestic coffee consumption, and educate consumers about the coffee production processes.

How should I make a booking?
Bookings for both coffee tours and lunches should be made at least 8 hours in advance. Rates vary based on residency and age, and the specific rates can be found on Fairview Estate's website or by contacting their offices.